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Medical Biller and Coder


"I'm a graduate of Allenmore Medical Institute's CNA program. The training was fantastic, comprehensive, and included mostly hands on skill training. I passed the CNA exam on my first try! I've now been working as a CNA in a California hospital for about 3 years and I'm loving my job."
Erin F, Bakersfield

"I graduated from the dialysis technician program at Allenmore about 2 years ago. The training was exactly what I needed to do my job and the price was right. I was able to get a job right away with the help of the placement service at the institute, which was so convenient! I really love what I do now."
Pat M, San Francisco

Medical Biller and Coder

Take our training course and learn how to be a medical biller and coder. This niche of medical employment is looking an increase in job demand of up to 57% this year. While many will find work in hospitals, the U.S. Department of Labor claims that more job opportunities will be opening in private doctor's offices and clinics, nursing homes and facilities, and other private health clinics. After completing training at Allenmore Medical Institute, our graduates will be qualified to work in a variety of medical environments, including hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, dental clinics, and various other health facilities that require the services of medical biller and coders.

Job Overview

medical_biller_and_coderThe Medical Billing and coder professional- sometimes referred to simply as the medical biller, or the medical biller and coder- has the main responsibility of completing the necessary paperwork and processing for patient's bills and coding the insurance claims for medical services. When medical insurance is given to a clinic or facility as a form of payment for an appointment or procedure, it is the medical billing and coder professional who must review and process these requests.

The medical billing and coder professional submits medical claims to the appropriate insurance company of the patient. This job is extremely important because it is the key to a medical facility's earnings.


The medical and billing coding professional is responsible for:
* Sending paperwork and documents to various insurance companies
* In charge of daily medical billing methods
* Fills out and submits insurance claim forms
* Educates patients about insurance benefits
* In charge of processing bills with insurance companies

Importance of Medical Billing and Coding

Basically, a medical billing and coding professional is responsible for making sure everyone in medical office gets paid. This is a backbone position for any medical facility because every facility must maintain patient account records and they must arrange for payments somehow. Medical billing and coding professionals must have significant knowledge of methods for billing insurance companies and various payment methods.


To receive payment for their services, the medical center needs to correctly record all patients procedures and appointments using a specific coding vocabulary. In short, this is called coding. For any type of service, procedure, test, or treatment in a medical care center, there is a precise standardized code. These codes are important because they inform the insurance companies about exactly what sort of appointment service was performed for their client. If coding is overlooked or done incorrectly, the medical facility cannot rightly collect payment from the insurance company.


Our institute's courses will prepare you to be a great and successful medical billing and coding professional. You will learn technical knowledge about your job, as well as practical and common sense skills involved with billing. Our courses will prepare you with the necessary skills that important to working in this field, including the importance of being organized, alert, precise, observant, dedicated, and responsible. In this job, attention to detail can make the difference between getting paid- and not. You can take pride in your work as medical biller.


Below are topics you will study in classes and training programs in order to prepare you in the medical billing and coder training program.
* Insurance Forms
* Coding
* Blue Shield
* Medicare
* Red Cross
* Group claim forms
* Individual claim forms
* Medicaid
* Group Hospital Insurance
* Individual Hospital Insurance
* Other Hospitalization Forms
* Group Health Insurance
* Disability benefits
* Workers Compensation
* Form Follow-Ups
* Other important topics to the field

Becoming a medical biller and coding professional can give you a great start in the medical world. Many of our graduates have started out in this field and cross trained into other areas. This training course is a great career, but it can also lead you to many opportunities in the health care field if you later want to explore related options.